As citizens working toward a fair and sustainable tax system,

our goal is to ensure that working people's voices are heard and influence the nation's tax policies.

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For decades, far too many of our elected officials have put the wants of special interests, corporations and the very rich over the needs of the rest of us. Now, lawmakers seek to cut taxes for corporations and the rich while claiming such policies will benefit working people. Collectively, we can raise our voices to stop the brazen, upward redistribution of wealth.

Tax Cuts and Jobs Act: A Timeline

Scroll through the timeline from our partner organization the Institute on Taxation and Economic Policy for an in-depth look at the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act one year later.


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Together, working people can stand up to special interests and demand a fair, sustainable tax system.

This exclusive, highly unequal society based
on extreme wealth for the few may seem
sturdy and inevitable right now,
but eventually it will collapse.
Eventually the pitchforks will come out,
and the ensuing chaos will not benefit anyone —
not wealthy people like me,
and not the poorest people
who have already been left behind.

- Nick Hanauer
Source: Public Good or Private Wealth? January 2019

Federal Tax Cuts in the Bush, Obama, and Trump Years

Since 2000, the top 20 percent of households have received 65 percent of all tax cuts.

That's more than $3.3 trillion in tax cuts for those who have the most.



Fairness Matters

How State and Local Tax Systems
Exacerbate Income Inequality—in Charts

About Citizens for Tax Justice

Citizens for Tax Justice focuses on federal, state and local tax policies and their impact upon our nation. CTJ’s goal is to ensure tax fairness for middle- and low-income families. We work to achieve this goal by: distilling tax policy research so anyone who is interested can learn about what's at stake in the nation's tax policy debates; being a conduit for working people to collectively raise their voices and stand up to special interests, lobbyists and corporations; and using all advocacy tools available to ensure we ordinary people have a prominent voice in the development of our nation's tax laws.

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